Beginning of the Year - Teacher Tools

So the school year is here ... your kiddos are starting to use their devices. YOU need something to help building their foundation ... what tools do you use? First - just like with devices, trackpads, mice, & headphones - there is no right or wrong on this. We are providing suggestions and tips on what has worked for us and our groups of students and we believe it will work for you ... but be mindful of your students and the rules for your school/district. Tool #1: Google Google is a top choice for schools. The collaborative features are amazing. But that isn't the focus right now. Google is our top choice for littles because so many programs use the Google SSO (single sign on) as a way to sign in - and THAT is wonderful for littles. This is definitely a district decision - and we think it's a great one! Tool #2: Mote Mote is a must use tool for teachers of littles. Mote is an extension that provides teachers with the ability to record their voice and insert it into many of

Beginning of the Year - Trackpads, mice, and headphones, oh my!

Beginning of the Year - Devices

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